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suzannelokker asked:

Hey guys, I really loved your short movie and I'd love to buy the artbook! But I live in the Netherlands and sadly enough the american amazon doesn't ship the book there :( Do you know if it will be available on the british or german amazon in the future? Or maybe if you guys are selling it somewhere at a convention sometime this year? Thanks in advance for your reply! I'm looking forward to all the awesome stuff you're going to animate in the future!

Thanks for your kind words! :)
You are not the first person to ask this question, and we are in dialogue with our book publisher regarding this problem. You can buy the book in Denmark as well, but the prize including shipping is quite high.

At this page, you can take a look at the danish online stores that sell our book:

Join Mikkel Mainz when he’s doing his magic in watercolor.

He’ll go through his process of doing the illustrations for the backers of our Kickstarter campaign. The Illustrations will also be getting out here on tumblr soon.

These are the last of the rewards we had to finish along the comic so now, goods will get out soon. We hope you enjoy this little tutorial and find it useful! Have an epic weekend!

unrussledjimmys asked:

I just watch the reward and it is amazing how much progress you have on turning it into a series?

Thanks a lot! 

Currently, we are in production of Amerath’s and Alethrion’s journey. We need this piece to be as brilliant as possible - both for our audience to be happy and to make sure that we have the possibility to continue making episodes in the future!

Besides, we are working hard to go to different festivals, conferences and film funds, to find investors, business partners and financials. Setting up a whole universe - which we are fighting for - requires lots of work and time. We think the universe has a lot of potential - and we want this show to be the best for you guys!

lamunes asked:

How long will you be staying in Paris for ? Some french fans might like to meet you guys and give you gifts *wink wink*. I'm in an animation school in France (Sainte Genevieve Institut), and a lot of people in my class enjoyed The Reward and i think would be happy to meet the team!

Hey Lamunes! Ah, Sorry that I didn’t catch you there when I was there! Well, there was also a lot of work to do. I know we’ll be back to give a presentation on Tales of Alethrion and have lots of fun in Annecy, the animation festival. Love that place. So definitely there. But also, stay updated, our producer is from Paris, so we often go there - I’ll make sure to let you know in here next time :) - Mikkel Mainz

Tomorrow’s video on sun creature studio’s YouTube channel will be @mikkelmainz showing the process of water colours. The illustrations that are being coloured are the 36 original illustration rewards for some of the kickstarter backers. They will each be different and posted on tumblr and on Instagram. #kickstarter #gifts #rewards #drawings #illustrations #original #originalart #thereward #aquarelle #youtube #suncreaturestudio #thursday #video #tutorial #art #process #youtubechannel #watercolours #vito #wilhelm #yay

We were invited to go to Jpopcon in copenhagen to do a speak about our studio. Jpopcon is an anime convention in Copenhagen and we were super excited to go there and check it out. It was full of great people and cool merchandise, and we met some of our childhood heroes such as Link and Ash.

ALSO! our channel now reached 5000 subscribers! Thank you all so much!!! highfives all around!

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