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Alethrion’s contest is over ! But more are coming…

The contest is over, thank you to all the participants. Here some other crazy portraits we received, thank you so much to (in the right order) atanggaard , enigmaticelocution, @Franco Menichetti, @Jonas Talimere, soulbeard-studio 2 drawings from @Rodrigo Makoto, maxscribblesPablo Matamoros peterklijnart
We will let you know soon about the winner, but thank you so much everyone for your participation !

High five and, again,  more contest are coming…


More Alethrion’s portraits !

Some new awesome Alethrion’s portraits, Thank you so much, all the Sun Creature studio team enjoyed them! So in the right order : @Marine Duchet, a new one from @Sébastien Le Divenah ! @Rik van Peer gaiascope , @Samuel Cleggett robocorn, @Zeke Homer

Guys you are awesome !!!

contest is still running until 27/07

More info on


More info on


Hey Tumblr, you helped make The Reward - Tales of Alerhtrion a possibility; now here’s your chance to a be a part of it!
On behalf of Sun Creature Studio I’m pleased to announce a Concept Art Summer Event! Get your artwork into The Reward - Tales of Alethrion - Presented by Sun Creature Studio.
Do you remember the close up portraits in the short film The Reward (bottom two images above)? We have a silly shot like this of Alethrion in the series as well. In this scene he is trying to seduce Amerath, a girl whom he just met.

We have a downloadable PSD file with everything you need to work on the shot.

In the file we have the correct frame size, a blurred out picture of the color script (the base colors you need to use because of the fact that the portrait has to fit with the other scenes). We have blurred the color script picture out so you don’t limit your imagination. We also attached references of the style and the storyboard panel.

If you are up for the challenge, send your finished drawing to most fitting, best and most hilarious portrait of Alethrion gets into the film!


Here you can get access to the .pdf file here.

PS. If you choose not to work in photoshop then it is important to use the file size 2400 X 1000 pixels. We also attached a layout you can use as a template.

If you have any questions please send them to the team at

Concept art Summer event

Our Alethrion portrait contest is till running until the 27th of july ! The most epic portrait will be in our next episode ! more info on

Here is the color script from our amazing artist Simon Lee

Here are some examples thank to our fellows @Adam Soroczynski

Thanks to @Charles Curley

Thanks to @Sebastien Ledivenah,

Alethrion’s turn around

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